Aluminium Honeycomb Backed Lightweight Stone for Lift Car Interiors

Bring the stunning beauty of natural stone into your elevators with our aluminium honeycomb backed lightweight stone for lift car interiors.


Stone Lift Interiors


There is nothing quite like natural stone when it comes to bringing timeless elegance and beauty to the interior of your building’s lifts. Unfortunately, weight and budget limitations all too often make use of natural stone panels impossible – not to mention the potential risk of damage to the naturally somewhat brittle, fragile stone during transport and installation. There is, however, a lightweight, stronger and more cost-effective solution…


Aluminium Honeycomb Backed Stone Veneer Panels

Suitable for both interior and exterior applications and available in a virtually unlimited range of stone veneers including marbles, onyx, granites and limestone, our lightweight stone panels consist of 3 to 5mm thick stone veneer bonded to aluminium backing materials by a special, highly adhesive film.


This backing process provides panels with:


  • Superior, more consistent strength throughout
  • Light weight, which means reduced load stress on structures/buildings. Panels can also be supported and used safely on ceilings and walls, as well as, of course, floors.
  • Greater design freedom, as the panels can be used in applications where fragile, heavy stone cannot be used.
  • Ease of installation. Their light weight and superior strength mean panels are easier, more secure and safe to install than solid stone panels.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Due to these panels’ properties, raw material, labour, transportation and cutting costs are significantly reduced.


Honeycomb backed panels also offer superior flexural strength and increased impact, fire, moisture and corrosion resistance (independently tested – including fire testing – to UK and ASTM standards).


Lightweight Stone for Lift Car Interiors


Versatile, considerably lighter, stronger and more cost-effective than solid stone panels, honeycomb backed stone panels are the perfect solution for lift interiors and a host of other architectural applications.


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