What is Lightweight Stone?

Lightweight Stone comprises a real thin stone veneer, typically 5mm, which has been laminated to a honeycomb core to provide superior strength and flexibility compared to standard thickness 2cm stone.




  • Standard stone has very little strength apart from compression!
  • Our Lightweight Stone panels are considerably stronger than 2cm natural stone!
  • Standard stone has no flexural strength at all!
  • Our lightweight Stone panels provide flexural movement!
  • Standard stone weighs around 58 kilo’s per square metre!
  • Our lightweight Stone panels weigh from just 14 kilo’s per square metre!
  • Large format standard stone requires expensive fixing systems!
  • Our Lightweight Stone panels can simply be fixed with adhesive!




It has been proved that our Lightweight Stone panels can provide substantial savings over 2cm stone as an overall installed cost!

Why Lightweight Stone?


  • Less weight so can be used in applications that are weight sensitive.
  • Can be fixed directly over existing finishes with no demolition or making good.
  • Easy to handle, distribute and fix speeds up the installation process.
  • Complete assemblies can be prefabricated off site and installed in a fraction of the time.


Our veneering process does not alter the appearance of the selected stone it looks exactly the same. It does however produce a lighter and stronger material that is easy to work with and provides substantial savings.