Stone Panels for Shopfitters

Shopfitting Supplies: Lightweight Stone Panels for Shopfitters


Not all shopfitting supplies are equal – and when it comes to stone for shop interiors, Lightweight Stone panels for shopfitters certainly stand out a cut above the rest. Here is why…


Corporate Branding & Stone for Shop Interiors


First impressions matter, because the opinion customers form about a shop depends largely on how they perceive said shop’s premises. Corporate branding is therefore not just about marketing and advertising but about a stylish, elegant and professional appearance – and there is nothing quite like the beauty and timeless elegance of natural marble, onyx, alabaster or granite to highlight a brand’s quality, professionalism and style.

Unfortunately, using solid stone panels for shop interiors presents shopfitters with several problems:


  • Typically sold at a minimum thickness of 2 cm, solid stone panels are heavy, inherently prone to accidental damage and inflexible. Difficult to handle & install, they often require specialised fixing methods and must therefore frequently installed by specialist stone setters. While these specialists undoubtedly do their best to accommodate shopfitters’ requirements, this could lead to delays in completing of a project.
  • Delivery times for natural stone panels can be long (and appear to be getting longer) – not to mention the infamous Italian holiday shutdown, which can further delay delivery and consequently project completion.
  • Last, but by no means least, natural stone is expensive – and as natural resources are beginning to dwindle due to continuous exploitation, prices are incessantly and rapidly rising. This can make it difficult for shopfitters to stay within their clients’ budgets.


Shop fitting companies work to increasingly tight deadlines and budgets. Failing to move with the times, natural stone techniques can make this extremely difficult.


There is, however, a way for shopfitters to take back control and complete projects both on time and within budget…

Lightweight Stone Panels for Shopfitters


Consisting of thin natural stone veneers (with a typical max, thickness of 5 mm) that are bonded to a honeycomb core, our lightweight stone panels for shops:


  • Preserve the natural elegance and beauty of natural stone while being significantly lighter, stronger and more flexible than solid stone panels.
  • Can be created to meet customer-specific requirements, which makes each installation completely unique and bespoke.
  • Can be installed quickly & easily to walls, ceilings and floors; doors, columns & shop fittings (i.e. display cabinets, counter tops/fronts, etc.) using simple adhesives.
  • Can be installed over existing surfaces without requiring expensive, time-consuming and potentially messy preparation/remedial work.
  • Reduce raw stone usage, which makes them significantly more cost-effective (lightweight stone panels cost approximately 50% less than solid stone) and reduces exploitation of natural resources.


Opening a whole new world of interior shop design possibilities, Lightweight Stone’s bespoke stone panels for shopfitters are light, strong & durable; quick & easy to handle/install and significantly less expensive than solid stone – making them the perfect, most cost-effective solution for shop fitting companies.


Lightweight Stone Shopfitting Supplies


To learn more about our bespoke shopfitting stone panels and find out how we can help you transform modern shop interiors with the stunning beauty, timeless style and elegance of natural stone both on time and within budget, give us a call on 0203 292 0616 or email us at today.