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Welcome to Lightweight Stone


An innovative range of ultra-thin, lightweight stone solutions.

We provide lightweight stone solutions that enable natural stone to be used in weight sensitive situations.

Our stone solutions are the same as granite, marble, limestone and onyx.  But are at a fraction of the price.

Firstly, complicated fixings and structural considerations are not required for our stone solutions.

Also, situations with weight and cost constraints can use these lightweight solutions. For example, these stone solutions can be used in:


  • Marine applications
  • Corporate interiors
  • Lift interiors
  • Bathrooms
  • Ceilings
  • Furniture


Less weight, less thickness, less installation time & less cost

Our lightweight materials can be easily applied to any surface.  Therefore, they can be simply fixed with an appropriate adhesive. This means the cost of a stone fixer is not needed.


Our solutions can be applied to stud work, MDF and furniture. Therefore, substantial savings are offered over alternative methods.


Also, our thin natural stone panels can be applied directly over existing fixes. So there are no additional costs and/or time associated with their removal.



No dust, no mess and simple to apply.

Our lightweight stone comprises a 5mm veneer of real natural onyx, marble, granite or limestone. This is then laminated to a composite backing material.


It is this backing material, together with the lamination process, that provides the strength and flexibility that is needed in modern day construction methods.


If you are looking for a lightweight, ultra-thin natural stone solution, we can tailor our production to your needs.